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Anderson plug connector cable

  • For 50A, 175A, 350A high current series connectors 
  • *Material: 
      The shell is made of high-impact plastic, used in harsh environments.
      The ferrule with copper-plated silver material makes the conduction performance good at high current.
      The self-cleaning design ensures the pin surface is clean, low contact resistance reliability.
  • *Features: 
      The special "snap lock" design allows the connector to be used in high vibrated environments and provides quick disconnection of high current connectors.
    Regardless of the plug or socket, the same color is inserted into a pair.  
    Plug-in and disconnection are simple and fast. 

 Stainless steel shrapnel design to ensure constant contact pressure and remedial intermittent overload capability under frequent plug-in and disconnection operations. 


  For power supply wiring, high current and high voltage contact occasions, electric vehicles, UPS, electric machinery, electric forklifts, power supply equipment.

*Made in Taiwan
*High and consistent quality
*Delivery: 40 working days.