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Anderson style plug connector cable

  • Anderson style plug connector cable assembly.
    For 50A, 175A, 350A high current series connectors 
  • *Material: 
      The shell is made of high-impact plastic, which can be used in harsh environments.
      The ferrule with copper-plated silver material, which makes the conduction performance good      at high current.
      The self-cleaning design ensures that the pin surface is clean, ensuring low contact resistance        reliability.
  • *Features: 
      The special "snap lock" design allows the connector to be used in high vibration environments     and provides quick disconnection of high current connectors 
     Features of use: regardless of the plug or socket, the same color is inserted into a pair. Plug-in   and disconnection are simple and fast; 

  shrapnel: stainless steel shrapnel design to ensure constant contact pressure and remedial            intermittent overload capability under frequent plug-in and disconnection operations. 


  For power supply wiring, suitable for high current and high voltage contact occasions, electric        vehicles, UPS communication power supplies, electric machinery, electric forklifts, power supply    equipment.

*Made in Taiwan
*High and consistent quality
*Delivery: 40 working days.